Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Garden

Hello Friends!  So my hubby and I have been working away on our new garden, and man is it a lot of work!  But we are loving every minute of it and are so super excited to plant in a few more weeks!

So the garden started with my measuring the space and then doing up a design on a cabinetry design cad I work with.  The options of this program are endless, so it was really fun to play around with my space and be able to do a virtual walk through before we got started.

Here is my plan evolving into reality!

We built three beds {6' x 5'}, and one bed is {5' x 3'}.  The last one that runs along the side of the house is {2' x 22'}.  I plan to do some vertical growing in the long one up the side of the house, along with some strawberries.

 Step two was to begin the rototilling process!  Although I am pictured here, rototilling, my hubby Brock did most of it!  He was quite fast with it, and since we were on a rental time of one hour, I let him take the reins on this part.

Oh!  Below is a picture of me trying to pull the machine backwards.. with it still in drive.. I forgot to put it in reverse.. soooo.. I went nowhere!

 We laid Weed Barrier down on the whole side yard to keep as many weeds out as possible!  We are still brainstorming what to put down for our pathways.. Have any ideas?  Something pretty and affordable!

 Brock dug trenches under the ground and installed sprinklers to come up out of each bed.  So the garden will be watered on the same sprinkler system as the rest of our yard.  This makes for easy watering and no worries when we go out of town during the Summer!

My hubby built me this cute little garden gate with a spring loaded hinge on it!  Isn't it cute?  I love it!
He found the short fence up at an old mine he used to work at.  So a little bit of history was added to my garden :)

We filled the beds up with a rich screened Top Soil.  We still need to blend in a good Compost Mix to enrich it a bit more.

Up close of our Sprinklers...

I snapped a picture of our beautiful plum tree while it's in blossom!  It only last for about a week and a half!  The wind always sweeps in and blows the flowers away. :(

I just LOVE Spring time!  I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can start planting!  Are you working on a garden too?  I would love any advice on keeping it healthy and some pathway ideas!  Have a great week!