Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Small Treasures

 Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are all enjoying some Spring weather!  We have a week of amazing weather in the 70's starting tomorrow, and I am SO excited!  

Today I am sharing some of the smaller treasures I've been working on for my space.  I am just in LOVE with fruit baskets lately!  So I rounded up a few and hand painted several of them.  I left the inside of the baskets natural, and roughly painted the outside and bottom.  I wanted them distressed and rustic.

Okay, so it is so hard for me not to keep some of these awesome finds!  I am drooling over these white canisters with the marine blue lettering!  But I won't stay in business long if I hold onto every awesome thing I find!  And it would't be long until my house get's featured on "Hoarders"! ;)

I totally scored on these awesome white canisters!

I simply added these chalk board labels and man! are they ever cute!  {yet another item I am dieing to keep}

Now this hand sewn and painted Linen Towel was a little time consuming, but I do love how it turned out!  It's fresh and it's French Farmhouse appeal is everything I was after when I set out to make it!  More styles to come on this.

Another score!  Two are already spoken for! ;)

Okay, now is when you're going to see and understand that I have a serious problem.. I want to keep this too! {Major Hand Slap!}  Isn't it adorable though??  I love how some of the bottom is chipping away and the chrome is still so shiny and polished! 

Well, that sums up some of my awesome finds.. I have much more to post, but didn't want to overwhelm you with a million pictures!  If you are local to the Treasure Valley, I hope you'll stop in and see the space in person. 
It's located at {4906 W. State Street, Boise, Idaho}. 

Store hours are 11am-5pm Tuesday - Saturday.  

Have an awesome Wednesday!