Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Farmhouse Tables

I've been working on these two Farmhouse Tables over the past couple weeks, and I'm finally done with them, and absolutely love how they turned out!  Each one is so different from the other.

So the table below is painted in "Glass of Milk" by Martha Stewart line.  I mixed it with my DIY Chalk Paint that you can find here.  When you get to the page just scroll down for the recipe.  I am currently working on the bench for this table and will post some update pictures when I have it finished!

Here is my "Sea Glass" Farmhouse Table.. It's a bit beachy, which I LOVE!  I did more distressing to this piece and I really like how it turned out!  I apologize for the missing drawer in these photographs, I'll post more later with the drawer! :)

You'll notice that the Sea Glass is more of a light Turquoise/Blue to start out with.

To create the Bird Pecking effect, you simply take a hammer to the head of the screw and poke holes into the wood.  You can really get creative with all sorts of different things you might find in the garage!  Don't be scared to just try anything!  It's fun and spontaneous!  You can also lay the screw on its side and hit it and it will leave small screw slashes in the wood.  Really neat!

So here I rubbed a brown glaze over the painted part of my table, let it dry and then just dry brushed some cream paint over some of the distressed areas.. It's another way to add character and layers to your piece!

I haven't decided what I'm putting with this table yet, as far as chairs and a bench are concerned.. 

 So there you have it!  Two beautiful, yet very different Farmhouse Tables!  Have a great week!

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