Thursday, September 3, 2015

Introducing Miss Scarlett Mae

I feel like I have been MIA from my blog for some time now.  Well, I promise I have a good excuse! ;)  I was working very hard at growing this little angel and now we are five weeks into her little life and let me tell you, life is DIFFERENT!  

Meet Miss Scarlett Mae <3

We are beyond BLESSED!  

It's crazy to think that we have a middle school-er and a 4th grader, and now an infant!  We are all just soaking up every second with her.  Our family literally fights over who gets to snuggle her.  I'm not joking when I say that we had to set a timer for how long our girls could hold her before the next one got their turn!  This baby sister is loved!  

And her entrance into this new world of hers couldn't have been more special. Both our girls had the chance to be a part of her delivery.  They witnessed their baby sister breathe her first breath.  

Daddy helped deliver her, and big sister Isabella cut her cord.  We were all bawling our eyes out just in awe of God's most amazing miracle!  This is a moment our family will treasure forever and never forget.  Both Grandmas were able to be a part of our day as well.  Let's just say we had a FULL HOUSE in the delivery room! ;)

 Our family of five couldn't be happier!  I am looking forward to sharing more pictures of Scarlett as she grows.  

While busy cooking up a baby inside, I did still manage to stay VERY busy building custom furniture and doing lot's and lot's of projects!  So I will start sharing those soon and try to get back in the swing of things around here.  Thank you as always for stopping by and be sure to check back soon to see some neat projects!

xo Jen