Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Makeover-Sneak Peek!!

I have been working on a custom piece for the past couple weeks and I am SO close to having it finished.  I just wanted to share a little piece of it!  Look for the reveal post either tomorrow or Friday!

Have a great day!! xo


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chippy White Farmhouse Hutch

Hello, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!  Mine was awesome!  Great times with family and good friends.. It's moments like the ones we had this weekend that make life worth living and show us how truly blessed we are.

I just finished up this adorable hutch today.  I've had it sitting in my living room off of the kitchen for the past couple months, and finally finished it up.  This piece is solid wood.  It was a custom built hutch, sporting inset doors and a drawer, and all sorts of charming character!  It's painted white and distressed for a slightly chippy look.  

I added some chicken wire to the doors.  First I sprayed the chicken wire with a couple layers of Rustoleum in Hammered Copper and Brown.  I love how it instantly ages the chicken wire!  I did this same treatment to the hardware.. You can see the hammered effect a couple pictures down.


I think it's pretty obvious that I love all things white and farmhouse!!  I'm just drawn to them.. I can't wait to show you a vanity I'm currently working on.. it's gorgeous!  Just takin my sweet time with it.  I hope to have it finished soon and will post as soon as it is. Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great week! xo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Shelves and White Dishware!

So my husband and I built these reclaimed wood shelves over the weekend.  We used some old fencing that was given to us from a friend, and I LOVE how it came together.  My thought was to build something to display all of the beautiful white dishes I have for sale at my shop.  Don't they look so pretty against that dark aged wood?

These are two of my greatest loves!  Aged wood with a gorgeous patina and white dishes!  Some old, some new.. doesn't really matter to me.. I love a mix on my shelves!

 I'm a sucker for platters.. each one I find has a different feeling and character of its own.
Yes.. Platters have feeling don't they?! Ha!

  Throw in an old linen and add instant vintage charm.

So this really was the easiest set of shelves to build!  Here is a list of the materials we used, and a general idea on how we put it together.

Sides:  (2) 6" fencing boards
Back:  (9) 6" fencing boards
Middle Shelf Support:  (1) 2x4, cut down into two pieces the length of your sides
Shelves and Top:  (4) 1x12 boards, cut to the length of your shelves 
Wood Stain:  Similar in color to your old fencing

Keep in mind that when you're using old fencing, you already have 2x4 support for the top and bottom shelf from when it was used to keep the fence together.  So you only have to add support for your middle shelf. The rest is already there.  I stained the new pieces of 2x4 with Mixwax in Jacobean. It matched perfectly!  My shelves were already aged from laying out in my side yard.  But if you have to purchase new boards, just find a stain that matches close to your fencing.  And keep in mind that it doesn't have to be perfect.. this is an aged piece with rustic character!  We used large 2" wood screws to hold it all together.  Well, that's it!  Pretty simple.  I'm sorry I didn't get some pictures of the process, but once you lay out your materials, you'll see how it all comes together.  Good luck!!

So while I've got you here, I would love to share a couple quick pictures of my shop.  It's been awhile :)

Until next time, have a wonderful day!!  Thanks for stopping by, and questions and comments are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated!