Saturday, December 27, 2014


Well here we are a few days after Christmas already!  I have been so busy this Holiday Season, I found no time to do my Christmas post!  So I thought I would share our Christmas living room, now that we are all probably worn out by all the Christmas posts! haha

I sewed these cute plaid pillow covers.. I used material from a table cloth I found at Marshall's.

 For anyone that really knows me, it might come as a shock to see a buck hanging above my mantel.  But this year, I wanted to create a cozy chateau look and feel.  My husband thought I was teasing him when I asked him to bring the deer in from the garage.  Let's just say he was more than thrilled when he realized I wasn't! ;)  Our furry friend who joined us for Christmas this year is named "Steven".  My hubby named him years ago and our kids think his name is the funniest thing ever!  I simply draped him with one of my red scarves to give him that Christmas spirit.


I used vintage finds on the shelves.  An old lantern, cast iron fan, vintage metal buckets.. old books.. 

 I found this really neat candelabra at a thrift store!  I thought it looked very French Chateau. 

 I love this red and white plaid throw.  It's actually a blanket scarf from Old Navy!  I guess those can be very versatile ;) 

I also kept the deer silhouette pillow I made out for Christmas as it went perfectly with the theme.

This year our Christmas Tree displayed all of our family ornaments.  It's always so special every year to hang all the sweet handmade ornaments that the kids have made.  My husband and I have our own ornaments from childhood as well and I love to put those up.  Our theme this year was The Family Tree.  I layered in a pretty red and white plaid ribbon to give it that cozy country cabin look.

This year, my mother in law bought each of our girls their own Christmas Tree for their room.  My youngest daughter, Olivia, chose a really beautiful white one.. We had fun decorating them.

 My oldest daughter, Isabella, Chose this sparkly green one.  The trees added a bit of Christmas magic to their room this year.  I know it will be a great new tradition to get them out each year and decorate them.

Well, that's it for our Christmas decor this year.  I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your families and all have an amazing New Year!  

xo Jen