Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY Crate Buffet

 Good Morning!  I thought I should share my newest treasure!  I am just so in love with my Crate Buffet!  It could easily be used as a bookshelf, or craft room organizer, but for me, it's my so very needed dining room buffet.

I had seen something similar to this on Pinterest, so I was inspired and started gathering my materials needed to make my own! 

It really is a simple list of items needed to build this piece.  


-6 wooden crates {all the same size, mine are 12 Deep / 12 Wide / 21 Long}
-2 pine boards {stained with the barn wood stain.,cut to size, mine were 13 Deep / 44 Wide}
-4 caster wheels {get the ones that turn and pivot around, I picked mine up at Lowes} 
-Nails and Screws  


-Nail Gun
-Chop Saw or Hand Saw (unless you get the lumber supply store to cut it to size)

And that's it!  Pretty sweet right?  

 I had so much fun decorating my new treasure!  I have a smaller home and feel like there is no room to decorate!  And now I have six shelves all in one!  Hooray! :)  I'm a nerd, I know.

 For the most part I had to use what I had around the house for my decor, with the exception of my new plant holder and Hydrangeas. {My Favorite}

I sanded the edges of the wood top for now.. I plan on beating it up a bit more later ;) 

I am seriously ready for Spring!  It's been a mix of wind, rain, sun, and snow here lately.. Umm.. okay, make up your mind and give us SPRING already! 

Here is a shot of my dining room at this point.  You might notice we're missing our trim.. We put in new floors and still need to finish the trim.  I wish I could tell you this was a recent change, but no.  My new floors went in over three years ago!!!  I'm a bit OCD, so I'm surprised I've managed this long with no trim.. I just tell myself.. It's rustic, right? Eh? ;)

So there you have it.. A crate buffet, bookshelf, extra storage.. whatever you need it for.  Simple storage, and beautifully rustique!

Well, I hope this has inspired you to restore something old and rusty, and get out your tools!  Have a great day!

xo Jen

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  1. Oh how cute!! It looks so awesome in that corner, for some reason I thought they were larger but that is nice cuz they don't take up a whole wall...great job!! Love the tricycle :)

  2. This is fabulous Jenny! Love the rustic yet industrial look with the wheels!

  3. Jenny I absolutely love this!! It is so perfect. And what a perfect size for the space! Where did you get your crates?

  4. The crate shelf looks great! I love it with the wheels. You probably know this but you can put in your base board in with silicone and now it come paintable, the hard part is the corners of course. I like a house in progress.

    Cheers found you from MMS.