Thursday, August 22, 2013

Farmhouse Table & a Fall DIY Sneak Peak!!

Hi Friends!  I hope you've all enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to fall.. 

It hurts me to say that Summer is almost over!  But to be honest, it almost hurts me more to say that I'm excited for Fall!  I love the crisp cool air of early fall, the quiet mornings to myself when my girls go back to school, the organized schedule, MORE SLEEP!  Cozy holidays, good food!  Are you with me on this or what?!  But when the long winter lingers too long, I want nothing more than a year round summer.. Guess we can't always have our cake and eat it too right?

Okay, moving onto the new Farmhouse Table Set!

I've worked with similar tables to this one, and I always love how they turn out.  They are solid wood, have beautiful turned post legs, just an overall great piece to work with.

The legs and skirt are painted in a cream color I picked up at Lowes by Valspar.  It's called Vintage.  I love this color!  It's the perfect creamy white color.  I distressed the whole table with the sander, random screws, the hammer.. it was very therapeutic :)  The top is stained in a chocolatey honey/brown color that will warm up any room!  It kills me to say that it took 4 times of sanding, and three different stain colors before I finally got it right.  Does that ever happen to you?  It's so frustrating and very time consuming, however, I still wouldn't trade my job for another...

 I built this bench out of scrap wood in my garage.. I followed a plan from Anna Whites website, with my own modifications added to it. {Please excuse the poor quality of this photograph}

  With Fall quickly on its way, I am starting to get my Autumn Decor going, and I have been making these Fall Floral Arrangements.  I'm going to do a DIY here soon, but wanted to share a sneak peak with ya!  So come back and check out the future post!

I hope you are all prepared for school, cooler weather, and the holidays!  It seems like the second we hit September, we're celebrating Thanksgiving!!  Take care everyone and I hope you'll visit again soon!
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