Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another Pretty Girl In Another Pretty Dress!

Happy Weekend to you all!  I hope you're having a great kick start to your weekend!  I have finally found the time to post these pictures!  I posted the pictures of my younger daughter in her tulle dress a few weeks ago, and you can find hers here.  I took up until the last minute to finish Bella's dress, so her pictures are out in the Big Sky country.. a place we folks like to call Montana!  Can you hear my mountain man voice?? :)  I took these pictures at my mother-in-laws ranch in Ronan, Montana.  She has done the most amazing job on her place.. flowers galore, and really cool vintage farm vignettes!  I am IN LOVE with her place!  Okay, onto the pictures!  Let the picture parade begin!

 She begged me for some pictures next to Gramzy and Papas horse Boon.  She didn't have to beg too much.. I know how much she loves HORSES!

Okay, so this picture below is an excellent representation of my little girl!  She is spunky, and sweet, and will do anything ((ANYTHING)) to make you laugh!  She is my child of laughter, that's for sure!

Helllloooo Montana!!!  Do you see the sheep's head in the mountain range?  It's right above her left arm.. 
 Bella trying to catch a moth.. Such concentration..!

 And she GOT IT!  Cute little bugger!

 Okay, so I promised a picture of all 13 little girls in their dresses!  It was a lot harder to capture them all than I thought it would be!  So here is my best shot!  A couple are hidden behind some others, but you get the idea.. a bunch of adorable little girls, all dressed up for the wedding!

 I hope you enjoyed the show!  Have a great weekend!

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