Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Historic Marble Desk and Custom Mahogany Conference Table

So these past couple months, I have been working on this beautiful custom project.  My client had pulled these gorgeous 4" thick marble slabs out of a historic building in Downtown Boise before it was remodeled.  The building dates back to the late 1800's!  How cool is that!?  He was inspired by them and wanted them for his desk top.  That's where I came in.  We sat and drew up a quick design for the desk, and a conference table to match.  The design was tweaked a few times, and I believe we ended up with the best result!  
 Everything is constructed out of gorgeous Mahogany, and received several coats of a rich Ebony stain.  Talk about a stunning contrast!

 The marble weighs several hundred pounds, so coming up with something sturdy and safe was very important.  We designed a steal frame to support the marble and keep it from sagging or caving over time.  

 This project was going into another historic building in Downtown Boise, so we had to work with smaller elevators and awkward staircases.  After the last project we completed down the hall, we knew we wanted a simpler delivery and installation process this time.  So we built the conference table in sections.  The whole thing was built in the shop, and finished together, and then taken back apart to get it into place.  Below, Brock is screwing the two skirt/drawer sections together.

 This conference table measures in at eight and a half feet!  102"!!  I built six pencil drawers (three for each side).

This was a fun and challenging project to build.  I am so grateful for the work God has brought my business.  I know that 2016 is going to be another great year for Rustique Restoration!  Thanks for following along and for all of your support through out each year!

xo Jen