Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kate and Jake, Update!

Here is the progression on Jake.. Still so much to do with this lad, but he is definitely evolving!
First I lay down washes of warm reds, and yellows.  I slowly move into the cooler tones of blues and browns.  This is the stage where I begin to define the shadows and highlights. 

 Now normally I wait to put in the hair, but I just couldn't help myself :)  But the hair isn't complete yet!

 Painting the main features like the eyes, mouth, and nose, are so fun for me.  That is when the subject starts to come life!!

Here, I've got a good feel for the eyes and brows, gosh he's adorable!
Don't mind the white splotches on the paper.. the sun was beaming through the window when I took this update picture.


And that's where I'm at right now.. more to come tomorrow!  Thanks for looking!

Watercolor Commission, Work in Progress

For those of you who don't know me too well yet, I am a watercolor artist.  I accept commissions of pretty much anything, but most common I am hired to paint children.  I have another blog that I post my watercolors on, you can find it here.  I will post the step by step as I draw and paint and bring life to what starts as a piece of paper.

So today I'm sharing my most recent commission.  I'm working with two beautiful children, brother and sister, Kate and Jake.  Once I get started, I work pretty fast, so get ready for some updates!

I hope you'll follow along with me!  Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Vintage Tea Cart

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you are having a great start to your weekend!

Today I'm quickly sharing my latest project.  I was just hired to custom finish this vintage tea cart yesterday.  This piece has been in the family for years, maybe a few decades, and now it's being restored to a functional, new piece!  I can't wait to show you the after on this!  Well, hopefully!  I haven't even got the paint completely stripped yet.. it's a chore, but I'm excited to bring new life to this little family heirloom! 

Here are the before pictures!

Stay tuned for the big reveal!!  Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Beautiful Girl in a Beautiful Dress!

My husbands sister is getting married next weekend, and all of the little girls in the family are wearing tutu style dresses.  They all consist of a shimmery Charcoal Gray Tulle, and can be coordinated with white.  Each mommy is responsible for creating their own dress and style!  How fun right?  So they will all be the same colors, but so many different styles!  I believe we have 13 little girls!  Hope I didn't miss anyone!  I just can't wait to see them all together!

So my two girls will each have one.  I just finished up the first dress for my 7 year old daughter, Olivia Grace.  She feels like ROYALTY in her dress!  It honestly cracks me up!  When we were done taking her pictures and loading back in the car, she even said to me, I feel RICH! Haha!  I was like, well sweetie, we are rich with LOVE! :)  

So here are all of her lovely pictures!  Enjoy!  I will be posting a DIY on this Tutu Dress soon!  So come back for that...

I don't know what it is about this last picture that I love so much.. it's soft, and kind of enchanting to me.. Maybe you totally disagree, but I love it!

Can you tell that she just LOVED posing for these pictures?  I love my little girl!  I can't wait to get Isabella Lynn's made and show her pictures!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New at Rustique Restoration Shop!

Happy July 4th to everyone!  Isn't it amazing to be able to celebrate our freedom?  I am so extremely grateful to all of our veterans and currently serving men and women who protect our country!  If you happen to be one of them, THANK YOU!  I hope you all have plans to sit out on a blanket somewhere, or gaze from a roof top and watch the fireworks burst with color!  It's amazing to me how they make these fireworks into the coolest creations!  I can't wait to watch the show!

So today, I'm sharing some pictures of my little shop.  I have some new items in there and thought I should post an update!  I just LOVE summertime and all of the decor fun that comes with it!

I just made this little driftwood sailboat yesterday.. It was super easy to make!  Isn't it cute and wispy?  So summery!  I will be posting a DIY on this driftwood sailboat soon!

I LOVE these copper three tier hanging baskets!  So cute!  And it's the perfect place for my table runners and sea anchor candle holders!

Aren't those adorable?  I love the marine blue anchors.. perfect for dressing up your dinner table, or summer BBQ.
 I hand painted this Burlap table runner with french blue grain sack stripes.. It was hard not to keep it!

 I finally finished up the second hand painted linen towel I made a couple months ago.. The other one sold pretty quickly, so I honestly don't know what took me so long!

I just picked up this adorable canister set yesterday.. 

I love this little blue and white cream and sugar set!  Just too cute!  

 Well, that sums it up for today!  I wish every single one of you the best 4th of July!  Stay safe and have fun!  Thank you for stopping by!