Thursday, May 1, 2014

Antique Dresser Transformation!!

I picked up this dresser from a client that I built a couple benches for.. She had all sorts of goodies in her barn, and around the house, and this was one of them!  I saw the potential immediately.. curvy drawers, everything solid wood.. yep, tons of potential!

While potential was there, a lot of work was as well.. Someone had filled in every scratch with Bondo. I planned to paint the entire base of the dresser, so that wasn't an issue.. But the top had to be sanded thoroughly.  I used my palm sander, first with 80 grit to get it all off, and then switched to 150 grit.  After that, I used what I don't know that I would even refer to it as a sanding block anymore.. it's basically a block.. :)  Very smooth, and makes my tops nice and slick!

What a difference right?!

I decided to go with one of my favorite darker colored stains, called Dark Walnut.  I think it was perfect for this piece.  
 I replaced the hardware as well.  Picked up these cute pulls from Lowes.  These were less than two bucks a piece!  Have you ever had to replace hardware on a dresser before and struggled to find something that looks like it's for furniture and not kitchen cabinets?  Well I have!  But this is my second time using this same hardware.  Last time I painted them a creamy color and distressed them.

I just love finding pieces that have potential and transforming them into something beautiful!  I couldn't ask for a better job!  
I hope you all have a lovely week!  It's 78 degrees here in Boise today!  And I'm LOVIN it!


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