Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Old Family Airloom Dresser Gets a Gorgeous Facelift!!

 I just finished up this adorable little dresser.  It wasn't bad to start with, however this piece is going into my clients nursery, and it was in need of some elegance and updating!

I was given a picture of another dresser that we used as our inspiration piece.  We were after a Champagne finish with silver leafing on the details.  Something with some elegant character, and a bit of aging.  Well, I think we accomplished our mission!

 I started by taping off all of the drawers.  I wanted to keep the original wood for the interior as everything is still in great shape.  Once they were all taped off, I proceeded with two coats of a light gray paint that I have on hand.  This was to give it a nice strong undercoat, and cut down on the spray I was about to use.  

After two coats of paint, I sprayed three even coats of Rustoleum's Metallic Paint and Primer In One, in Satin Nickle.  This color was a little too silver since we were going for a Champagne look, but I already knew I'd be glazing the whole thing down with a brown stain.  This accomplished two things, the color I was after, and the aged look we wanted it to have.  Glazing is so easy.  Have you ever given it a try?  Just a little tip, before I glaze a piece of furniture, I always spray one coat of lacquer first.  This keeps the stain from soaking into your paint.  While you want color there, you also want to be able to manipulate that color and have the ability to wipe it off to your desired look.  If you're going to try glazing with stain, I recommend that you create yourself a little sample board.  Try one without a coat of lacquer, and one with.  Check out the difference.  Who knows, maybe you'll like it better if it soaks into the paint.  But a sample board always works well for me, and keeps me from messing up the whole thing!! ;)

I painted the details of this dresser with silver leafing paint.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  It wasn't expensive at all and will go far.  I had to do three coats to get this look.  I also silver leafed all the old hardware.  I've never used silver leaf before, but I can assure you, this won't be my last time.  It gave the piece that little bit of sparkle, elegance, uniqueness.? I think I could come up with several more words, but I'll stop there, haha.


So now that this dresser is finished, I'm moving onto the crib!  So check back to see the before and after.  It will be just as adorable as this little dresser!  Maybe... haha  Have a wonderful day!

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