Thursday, September 7, 2017

Restored Patio Table

Nice weather means Alfresco dining!  Today I'm sharing with you a fun little project that I took on for one of my clients.

The original table had a glass insert, and while she and her husband were moving it, the glass broke.  Such a bummer.  We bounced several ideas around.  My client wanted something durable, that wouldn't break, and would do well with the weather as well.  Some ideas were to do a tile insert, faux tile vinyl, or wood.  The tile was a no for a couple reasons.  One, it would be heavy, and two, the metal table was slightly flexible, so the grout would break.  The vinyl was a no simply because it would fade in the summer sunlight.  That left us with wood.

I chose a kiln dried redwood for the top.  It turned out so lovely!  

First I secured a piece of plywood to the bottom to allow a place to secure the wood planks.  Using glue and nails, I secured the outer frame of the top.  I chose to miter the corners.  I personally love this look.  Once the frame was built, I secured it to the table and plywood.

Next it was time to lay the planks down and secure.  I screwed the into place from the under side of the table top.  The center plank was run through the table saw and cut to size.  

Once everything was in place, I sanded the whole top, and then stained and sealed it.  The stain color I chose is one of my favorites from MinWax, called Provincial.  It's just a nice warm brown, and one of my main go-to stains.  

Now that everything was sealed, it was time to cut the hole for the umbrella.  Using the circular saw, we were able to cut the perfect hole!  I purchased a plain black plastic grommet to finish the hole off nicely.  And the table was finished!

I think the wood top was the perfect choice for this lakeside cabin!  

Have a great day!

xo Jen