Saturday, June 15, 2013

Drab Turned Rustic Chic Desk and New Shop Photos!

I can't believe it's already Saturday!  I feel like time is literally running from me.. Do you ever wish you could just slow like down a little?  Especially when the weather is AWESOME!  And the kids are still kids.. It just goes too fast.

So today I am sharing a cute little desk I restored yesterday.. It started out so grungy but I saw potential just hiding underneath all of the yuckiness.. not a word?  I know..  :)

 Now this picture below doesn't show how disgusting this piece really was.. 

Here's a better shot.. the legs were all chewed up.  So I took my palm sander and sanded the heck out of them!  It gave them a different shape, but I feel that it just adds to the character of this cute little desk.

Yikes!  Do you see that??  It's left over felt!  The whole top of this desk was covered with green felt!  Dirty felt might I add. 

Awe.. So much better!

I left some of the wood showing through when I painted it.  It got a nice coat of my homemade Chalk Paint.

It's petite, but cute!  You really could use it as a desk or a vanity.

New Items In My Shop!

Just a few quick pictures for you!

Well, I hope you find yourself having a great day!  I will be enjoying my family and pups on a nice walk to the riverside later on.. Thanks for stopping by!

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