Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Holy cow!  This season is just flying by!  I feel like I'm saying that in every post.. ! But it really is.  I have been so busy with work and family and life, it hasn't left much time for me to post!  So here is my Thanksgiving Table from a week and a half ago!  It was simple yet charming.. I thought so anyway! :)

I started with a simple white cotton runner, layered with random pieces of burlap.. These were honestly just leftover scraps!  I wanted to achieve that textured look, so it worked well.  Next I placed a few cream pumpkins I had laying around, and some other sparkling gourds.  I then layered in sunflowers and white carnations, a few candles for a touch of "ambiance" and the serving dishes and platter.

I decided to use these gorgeous sea glass colored goblets!  I bought these for a dollar each during the summer and hadn't had a chance to use them!  I LOVE them! 

 I used all white dishware, and a beautiful set of silverware that I bought for a dollar at a garage sale this past summer!  What a steal!  Seriously, if you've never garage-saled it up, you're missing out!  ;)


Well that sums up my Thanksgiving Tablescape!  Lot's of cream, white, natural colors, and punches of sea glass blue and yellow!  Have a lovely day everyone!

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