Sunday, March 9, 2014

Antique Vanity Makeover

This piece caught my eye from across the room at a farmers market.  I had to have it!  I could see it creamy white and distressed a little.. aww... if only it were that simple!

So I sanded and started to paint, and not long after the first coat, I was seeing pink!  The stain was bleeding through!!  Have you ever had this problem?  This was a first for me.  I painted a second coat, and then a third, and finally at my whits end, I ran to the store for help.  {well, technically I drove ;)}  I was recommended Kilz, a stain blocker, but it didn't work.  The pink was STILL there!  So I walked away for a few weeks, and when I had finally let some of my frustration simmer down a little, I sought advice again.  This time I was told to Shellac it, and thank you Lord, it worked!  Once I coated the vanity with two coats of Shellac, it was smooth sailing.. And I LOVE this vanity!  It turned out just as I wanted and had visioned.

 I made a quick decision to paint the hardware.  As soon as I started to paint over them, I second guessed myself and thought, OH NO!  What did I do?!  But I just rolled with it and I actually really like how they turned out.  I painted a layer of turquoise and then a top coat of the same creamy white.  Distressed them a little and and walla.  It gives the vanity a tiny pop of color, but it's still really soft and beautiful.

 I thought I'd share this little staging job, done by the hubby. :)  I love a man who loves the Lord, and wants to share it with others! 

 And I couldn't leave out my little helper yesterday!  Admiring herself in the new vanity ;)  Love my little girl!

Well, someone loved this piece as much as I did because it was there and loaded and gone in twenty minutes!!  That's a record for me! :)  Now I have to get working on something to take it's place!  Stay tuned for the next fun and original piece!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a blessed Sunday! xo


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