Monday, November 18, 2013

A Farmhouse Table and a Custom Bench

I thought I would show you all this gorgeous Farmhouse Table and Custom Bench that went to a customer a couple weeks ago.  I started with a dark stained top and black base table.  It actually wasn't bad looking at all, but we wanted the brown and white look, so let the sanding begin!! :)

Here is what I started with, although I had already gotten started and have the top completely sanded in this photo.  I sometimes forget to get that before shot! :-/

I use a palm sander to remove the finish.  Usually with an 80 grit sand paper, and then I move up to a 150 or a 180 grit sand paper before I put the stain or paint on.  You could try to use a stripper to remove the finish, but I will be honest and say that I HATE strippers with a passion.  {Maybe I should choose my words better} haha  The chemicals are stinky, and they burn you if they touch you, and I honestly feel like they take just as long to remove a finish as just sanding does.  But if you like the strippers, then feel free! haha

I don't always bother to get every inch of paint off if I'm going to paint over it.  And it's actually really pretty to see the layers when it's time to distress later on.  Just make sure to get any of that sheen off so your paint doesn't peel later.  As for the top, every bit of the finish needs to be removed, otherwise the stain will end up splotchy and won't take to the spots where you may have missed.

I painted the base of this table and bench in one of my favorite whites, Vintage by Valspar.  I use a flat sheen, and it only takes a couple coats to cover really well.  For the top I used the Minwax Mission Oak.  It's warm and kind of a light chocolatey honey brown.  Next I distress.  I do most of it with my palm sander, going back here and there with a sanding block until I get the look I'm after. 

I always roll on the Deft Clear Wood Finish in Satin, with a foam roller.  I like to do three to four coats on my dining tables, since they will get a lot of use and wear.  Make sure to sand in between each coat, after drying.  As for the legs and skirt of the table and benches, I use the spray form of Deft Clear Wood Finish in Satin as well.  I do this same process for all my chairs.


I built this custom bench to go with the table.. it's all out of 2X4's, so solid, sturdy and HEAVY!

Well, I hope this was helpful and you love this farmhouse table as much as I do!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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