Saturday, November 2, 2013

Red Riding Hood and a Peacock Princess!

Well, Halloween turned out to be a success this year!  Cute costumes and A LOT of candy! haha.. It's always nice to build up a stash for the year!  So my original plan was to do a little mini photo shoot of the girls in their costumes a few days before Halloween, but we all ended up sick and I barely pulled out of it by Halloween evening!  So we ran down the street and took these, headed back home to grab dad and out we went!

I made this little red cape for my daughter Isabella.. I had planned to make a long matching red skirt, but the amount of material I had to work with wasn't enough.. But I am actually pleased with how it came together. We paired the red cape with a fancy white dress, and a vintage apron with red details on it.  Added a basket and a red and white plaid table cloth I picked up at the dollar store awhile ago and walla, Little Red Riding Hood!

My baby girl Olivia had been planning to be a Peacock Princess months before Halloween!  So we worked together to create her costume and give her the dream she had in mind!  We had fun picking out the neat colors for her tulle skirt, and all the different things we needed to create her mask.  The original plan for her costume was to pick up a dark blue leotard for the body, but try finding something like that in a store!  Your only options are white, black, and pink! haha  But we grabbed this cute rhinestone blue shirt at Justice, so she was happy with that, and she can wear it regularly, which makes ME happy! :)

And my two baby girls together, growing up so fast..  Where have the years gone??  I just wish time would slow down a little!!  

I hope all of you had a fun and safe Halloween with your kiddos!  It's a fun time to be creative and spend some time together carving pumpkins, and designing costumes!  Until next time, have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

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