Thursday, January 30, 2014

Antique Vanity in Green with a White Glaze..

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!  Today is the first day in a couple weeks that the sun is shining!  And I am feeling so blessed to finally see it again!  I am definitely a sunny weather girl!  And the temp being in the 80's all year long, well, I could live with that.. pretty easily in fact.  But here in Idaho, this is not a realistic situation ;)  Let's just say, I'm counting the days to Spring and more sunshine!!

I recently purchased this old vanity, and came up with a fun revamp idea.  I went for something simple but with a little character {at least I hope that's what I accomplished!}.  I decided upon a green base and cream drawer fronts.  

I thinned down my cream paint with a little water, and then did a white wash glaze to the whole dresser, including the bare wood top.  


It was a really simple piece to work with, and wasn't too time consuming.. Don't you love an easy piece like that every once in awhile?  I DO!!  Have you had any fun and easy projects lately?  I'd love to see some of them.  Feel free to link to it in your comment.  I hope you all have a blessed day!

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