Friday, January 31, 2014

Distressed Farmhouse Table with a Glaze

So I just finished up this gorgeous Farmhouse Table set and it's now at the shop waiting for a home!  

 I painted the table and bench and two chairs in a creamy white, and heavily distressed them.  Then after I sprayed one coat of lacquer over it all, I glazed it with the same brown I used on the table and bench top, making sure to leave it in all the nooks and crannies!  I rubbed off most of the rest.  The glaze is a little heavier than these pictures let on, but my camera has a hard time capturing that!! 

I wanted to include some color with this set, so I opted for a neat minty green for the two accent chairs.  I painted them in Martha Stewart's Sea Glass, and then distressed them.  Next I rubbed the same brown glaze that I used on the rest of the set, leaving on quite a bit.  By doing this step, I was able to give the chairs more or a minty green verses aqua blue.  I LOVE how they turned out and how they add some fun character to the table set! 


I also built this custom bench to provide some good seating.  I have been building a lot of custom benches for people that already have tables, and for mudrooms, etc.  This bench is called Vintage.  I never expected to have a custom bench business, but I'm loving the work and all the different looks I get to match!  It's pretty fun :)  

Thanks for looking!!  Have a wonderful day! xo

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