Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Custom Table Commission, Getting Started

I have been commissioned to build this gorgeous table originally made by Crate and Barrel.  My client loves the uniqueness of this table and all the rustic and sleek features.  Wanting to know the artistry behind the piece and the work that went into creating it, he decided to hire me to take on the job.  So glad he did! ;)  The table pictured below is my "inspiration piece", the Paloma ll Dining Table from Crate and Barrel.

I decided to start with the legs first.  As you can see, they are column like bases, with a stacked wood look.  FYI, My hubby and I are tackling this one together!  This job requires a lot of time with our table saw, and I'm scared out of my mind that I will cut my fingers off not that experienced with a table saw.  So I just stand on the other end and help keep things level ;).  
I started with a 3/4" Plywood to build the core of the base.  Gluing all the seams, and nailing everything into place was first. 

Next I made my pilot holes with my counter sink drill bit, and then screwed the sides together to reinforce the nails and glue.

Here's my hubby using the table saw.  

After the boxes were built, I wrapped them with 1/4" hardwood planks at 3"wide.  These were glued first, and then nailed on.

As soon as they were planked, I moved right onto the staining process!  I love this part!  I started with a coat of Minwax Weathered Oak, and finished with a coat of Minwax Povencial.  This combination gives the piece that weathered, time worn look, yet at the same time allowing it to look warm and modern.

  Here you can see the layers...


So there is a days work!  Tomorrow we will be adding the wood that stacks up horizontally on these legs.  I can't wait!  I will post an update soon!


So I decided to just post the update of the progress of this table on this post.  So here are the rest of the pictures!

 To see the finished table, click here!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!

xo Jen

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