Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Room Challenge - Week 5

 WOW!  I can not believe we are already at the end of week FIVE!! Where has the time gone?!  I tell you what, I am going to have one busy week ahead of me.  There has been a lot of progress made, but there are still a lot of things on the list that need to be done! 

In case you missed the last several posts, here are the links so you can catch up.

Week 4 - Sorry, I missed this one! :-/

Okay, let's move onto what I accomplished over the past couple weeks.  I have two end tables built and one stained and finished.  The other one just needs to be stained.  I LOVE how these tables turned out.  I was originally going to do a more square looking one from one of Ana Whites Plans, but I decided to draft up my own idea.  I love the slanted legs and planked bottom and top.  I stained this table with one coat of Weather Oak, by Minwax, and then one coat of Provencial, by Minwax, over top of the W.O. stain.  You have to do the stains in order if you want to achieve this look.  Provencial is actually a pretty chocolatey brown if you use it first.  I sealed the table with Deft, in spray can form, in Satin.  This stuff rocks!  And it dries SO SUPER fast!  Which works great for me!

Seems like I've always got a photo bomber!  That is our Boston Terrier, Sadie.  :)

You can probably see the base area and that it still needs some work.  That is part of the foundation and it pops into the room about 4 1/2".  I am going to paint and trim that out this week.  It will be much more polished when I'm done with it!

Okay, next we have the bookshelves!  These play a HUGE part of my living room makeover. As you can see, there is still lot's to do on these!  I will be planking the backs today, and getting them painted up to match the top of the mantle.  I cut the mantle out of the picture because I've already started to stage it!  Didn't want to expose too much yet!  But I have to say, I am in love.  I know these shelves will rock when they are done too. 

 We pocket holed everything together, including the shelves.  I love my Kreg Jig.  Everything is so much sturdier. 

 After our plywood boxes were built, we cut our face frame pieces and glued and nailed them into place.  A face frame makes a HUGE difference.

I honestly cannot wait to show you the big reveal next week!  It's going to be so great to have this room done.  Below is my list of what needs to be finished and purchased by next Thursday!

The List

Horizontal Planks installed behind shelves
Base molding attached to shelves
Shelves Painted
Wood tops, installed and stained
Second end table stained and finished
Wiring for new light/fan, and installed
Build new console table for entry way
Finish the foundation molding
Fix Brick that is falling apart

Wow, okay, that was more than I even realized!  I better get to work! haha!  Be sure to check out all the other One Room Challenge linking participants at Calling It Home here!  There are a lot of really cool projects close to completion!  Thank you as always for stopping by!

xo Jen

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