Thursday, October 16, 2014


Wow, I can't believe we already on Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  Time seems to be passing very quickly! ;)  But I still think this is an absolute blast!  I can't say enough how great it was to receive all the sweet comments and encouragement.  Thank you!  I need it!

For those of you who are just starting to follow along, I'll clue you in on the challenge!  Linda with Calling it Home is hosting the One Room Challenge, where 20 designer/bloggers are sharing their renovations over a span of six weeks, start to finish!  And Linda has opened up a linking event for all of us who would like to follow along and join the challenge!  So two weeks ago, I shared my before pictures and what my plan was.  Click here to see the post and inspiration pictures.  Last week I shared my progress, and you can click here to see that post!

This past week, the following was accomplished:

Molding was nailed onto the planking to frame it in and give it a more finished look.

Next, I filled all the nail holes, and calked the seams where the molding met the planks, as well as the seams where the molding met the walls and ceiling.  Much better!  I gave it three coats of paint, using Vintage by Valspar.  I get that at Lowes, and I used a semi-gloss.  I can't believe how different it looks since I painted it!  It's fresh and very cottage-farmhouse!

Here's a shot of the whole wall.  Miss Molly photo bombed on the left!  Isn't she sweet though!?  I feel like this room is already coming together, and I have so much more to do!

I also built my two side tables over the past couple days.  I still need to sand and stain them, but they are built!  And they are HEAVY! ;)  I will be doing a DIY on these tables after the big reveal in a few weeks!

What's on the schedule for next week (if all goes according to plan!):

*Sand, Stain, and Lacquer Side Tables
*Build Bottom Columns Below Mantle and Paint
*Start Building Bookshelves

So wish me luck everyone!  I'm having a blast with this and honestly just get plain giddy when I think of the end result!  I have walked in and out of my living room staring down my fireplace several times today!  Can't wait to see what I can accomplish by next week!  Thank you so much for visiting me today and all the encouragement!  I just love it!

xo Jen

Be sure to check out the others that are working hard on this challenge!  You can find links to their posts here!  Thanks!

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