Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Living Room Reveal!! - One Room Challenge

My, oh my, oh my...  Okay, from now on... when I say check back tomorrow for my post, just come back a week later! ha!  It seems I have made a habit of this.  Problem with promising something a day later, is that I have no idea what tomorrow brings.  Unfortunately my tomorrows brought dark days, and when the sun was finally out and pouring into my living room, I was stuck away from home. So, here we are, a week later!  Thank you for your grace everyone!! :)  Moving onto the REVEAL!

If you'd like to see the process from start to finish, you can catch all the posts below.

Here's a little refresher on what we started with.

And here is what we ended up with!!!

 I did a pretty simple mantle scape this year.  I left some of the summer items up, and then incorporated the fall wreath, and porcelain pears.  

 The living room is so cozy and inviting now.  And definitely reflects my taste for style.

I'm in love with the horizontal planking we did.  It adds so much charm to the room.

And the wall that our large sofa is on is totally different now!  I built two matching farmhouse end tables to go on each side.  I will post a tutorial on these soon :) 

 I also diy'd some thrift store lamps to go on each table.  I was ready and prepared to just buy a couple new ones and spend the $150.00, but I saw these two sitting in my garage and thought, well, may as well try to be frugal where I can!!  I honestly love how they turned out.  They keep the room casual, yet elegant? 

I'm a little disappointed that my table top isn't just a touch wider.  My favorite birdcage BARELY fits!  I tried to place it in other places around the room, and it ended up back here.  I can live with it being a touch crowded. haha

I didn't have to purchase too much to accessorize this space.. Most everything I already had on hand.  The wire and metal basket on top of this shelf was new from Tai Pan.  Love that store!

I hand made the Floral Pillow Covers you see on the sofa and chair.  There are more available in my Etsy Shop!  As well as the Deer Silhouette Pillow Cover!

I used cut limbs from my own trees for the foliage in the basket, on the shelves and in the concrete pitcher.  The colors were perfect and I love the texture it brings to the space.

I didn't end up adding anything to this wall.  I just simply changed out the decor inside the birdcage.  Once the shelves were completed and staged, I realized it may be too busy to do much on this wall.

I love using architectural pieces in my decor.. Old corbels, chipped up leg posts, crates, etc.  Anything with a vintage worn look.

So there she is!  Glistening in her glory! ;)  My husband and I seriously walk in and out of this room for no reason other than to just take it all in. lol  He actually didn't even care to do anything to this room, but rolled with it to make me happy and ended up being pretty pleased himself.  Love it when that happens!

There are still a few things we need to do in here.. Like put a fresh coat of paint on the fireplace stove, and then put up a new fire screen.  Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  Maybe a new rug?  It would be a jute rug if I decide to put one in here.  I also didn't find the time to complete the entry way.  But the one room challenge is only "one room" right?  So oh well.. I'll get to it soon enough!  Thank you so much to Linda over at Calling it Home for hosting this challenge and encouraging all of us weekly!  We are grateful!  And thank you to all who have followed along with me and left me encouraging comments and support!  We all love and need that :)  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week! 

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